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Sanitary Disposal Services



Our Service - How it works

We install and provide the Sanitary unit Free-On-Loan

We service the sanitary unit at the chosen scheduled intervals

We remove and disposal of all sanitary waste

We provide all consumables, liners/batteries etc.

All Sanitary Units are cleaned and sanitised at each service interval

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Feminine Hygiene

Sanitary Disposal Units

Sanitary Disposal is an essential service in all commercial washrooms.

At Star Hygiene, we can assist you in providing a safe, hygienic and discreet way of disposing of all sanitary waste.

The environmental impact of having feminine hygiene products flushed down the toilet alongside the extensive plumbing repair costs of blocked drains and pipes makes it an easy decision to choose a service from Star Hygiene to minimise long term costs and provide this essential service to your employees, visitors and customers.

Star Hygiene ensures all sanitary disposal units are lined with biodegradable, fragranced and sanitised liners to provide protection against all bacteria and odour.

All of our sanitary disposal bins are modern, slimline and designed to fit neatly inside even the smallest toilet cubicle. Our trained service personnel will provide a discreet and efficient service when visiting your premises.

Why you need a Sanitary Disposal Service for your Business

Safe Work Australia states that all female workers must be provided with a safe, hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items in the workplace.

Ensure your workplace is compliant by choosing a sanitary disposal service from Star Hygiene.



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