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Call us today! | 1800 494 436

Prestige Commercial Scenting

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Bring your retail space to life and entice customers to linger and spend

Smart Devices paired with Beautiful Fragrances, designed to enhance your mood


Scent is an unparalleled brand language. One hundred times more memorable than anything seen, heard or touched, a circulating scent enhances positive brand impression by 25% and boosts purchase intent by 80%. Scent imprints an enduring impression, creating brand synergy and differentiation, amplifying ROI and growing brand recognition and recall.

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Small Commercial Scent Diffuser

Large Commercial Scent Diffuser

Our Service - How it works

We install and provide the Scenting devices Free-On-Loan 

We service the devices at the chosen scheduled intervals 

We provide all refills at the scheduled intervals

All Scenting devices are cleaned and sanitised at each service interval
*Large Device requires power*

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