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AFS Disinfectant Wipes Cartons (4 x 1200 Sheet Wipe Rolls per Carton)

by AFS
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AFS antibacterial cleaning wipes are a quick and convenient way to disinfect surfaces regardless of your industry. From gyms and co-working spaces to supermarkets, universities and shopping centres, our disinfectant cleaning wipes are durable, disposable, pre-moistened, ready to use and thicker than ever.

The quality of their absorbability, their durability and their enhanced thickness ensure you will make the best use out of each wipe, cleaning a greater surface area and in turn using less wipes for greater effciency. Now with even more plant fbres used to produce these wipes, you will have a “lint-free” surface after every use.

These commercial cleaning wipes are alcohol-free, bleach-free and o-phenolfree, creating an effective disinfectant cleaning wipe.

1,100 wipes per roll, each 20 x 14cm

**Sold separately - AFS Wipe Wall Mounted Dispenser**

AFS Disinfectant Wipes Cartons
4 x 1200 Sheet Wipe Rolls per Carton = 4800 Wipes per Carton