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Florogen Concentrated Air Freshener - LAVENDER 500 mL Spray Bottle

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Florogen Lavender is a specially formulated, alcohol-based, surface and space deodorant.

Florogen Lavender removes unwanted odours and provides a positive method for increasing hygiene in the immediate area of use.

Florogen Lavender has a pleasant lavender fragrance and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

  • Long lasting deodorisation
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Hospital strength odour control

500 mL Spray Bottle

**Bulk price 12 x 500ml** 10% off

The Florogen range of concentrated alcohol air fresheners can be used as space or surface deodorisers for extremely long-lasting performance.

Florogen removes unwanted odours and increases hygiene in the immediate area of use. For long-lasting deodorisation in bathroom areas, use Florogen behind toilets and under sinks.

It can be used behind desks and furniture and sprayed into waste bins after cleaning.

  • The Florogen air freshener range is available in two pack sizes, 5L and 500mL, with five great fragrances – Original, Lavender, Frangipani, Strawberry and Citrus