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Fly Free Trap – 10L

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ECOTHOR ACTIVE NATURE FLY-FREE uses a pesticide-free 100% natural approach to fly control, employing a unique and highly attractive, food based lure to draw the flies into the proprietary FLY-FREE Traps, from which there is no escape.

Quite simply. FLY-FREE becomes their final resting place in this ecological approach to fly control.

It’s also simple and easy to set up and maintain!


FLY-FREE is perfect for any outdoor area where flies are a problem.

Because FLY-FREE is a natural solution it can be used around the outside areas of food processing and food-handling establishments, around waste dumpsters, municipal waste sites, and especially around livestock sectors including dairies, abattoirs, stables, piggeries, kennels, catteries and more.

Even residential properties can benefit from the placement of FLY-FREE Traps.

We recommend you keep Traps away from strong competing odour sources such as manure heaps, sewage and fermented organic materials.


It’s perfectly simple.

Flies are strongly attracted from great distance to the odours coming from the FLY-FREE Trap.

They enter through the Unidirectional Cones, and are then unable to escape.

The aim is to form a protective perimeter all around the buildings to be protected by placing the Traps every 10 – 15 metres around the structure.

Place the FLY-FREE Granule sachets in the FLY-FREE Trap.

Add water and mix carefully. Secure lid and hang in areas where flies are a nuisance.

Traps are ideally placed 1.5 m above ground level. Do not let the liquid inside the FLY-FREE Trap evaporate completely.

Add water from time to time and top up to the initial level. After 30 – 60 days, safely dispose of the contents and reactivate with fresh FLY-FREE GRANULES and fresh water.


FLY-FREE Granules are 100% food-based. The granules come in a water-dispersible sachet, so there is no messy preparation, just fill the FLY FREE Trap with water and throw in two or four sachets of the FLY-FREE Granules, depending on which size FLY-FREE Trap you are using. The sachets slowly dissolve and release the granules into the water. Over the next few days the granules activate in the water and start to emit a highly attractive odour that flies just adore. After 2-3 days you will see many flies buzzing around the Traps. NB Whilst the flies adore the smell of FLY-FREE, it is not so pleasant for people, so keep your Traps away from your living areas and only use them outdoors.


FLY-FREE Traps come in two sizes, TRAP L (10 L) and TRAP M (5 L). There is a measure mark on each for filling the Trap with water. The Traps contain our unique Unidirectional Cones. These Cones allow the flies to easily enter the FLY-FREE Trap. Since they cannot escape, the FLY-FREE trap, it quickly becomes the flies final resting place. You will likely be amazed just how many flies you will catch! The Traps need to be emptied and refilled with clean water and fresh sachets of FLY-FREE Granules every 30-60 days, depending upon the fly pressure and the environmental conditions.

ECOTHOR FLY-FREE Trap 10 Liter Trap + 4x Sachets

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