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Foot Bath: Boot Dip Mat 80 x 98cm - **OUT OF STOCK ITEM ETA 10/01/2024**

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Foot bath mats use water and detergent to thoroughly clean boots as they pass over. Raised yellow edges contain the water while also signalling the foot bath mat’s location. As workers step over the mat, rubber scrapers scrub the dirt from their shoes, sanitising the soles and preventing contamination from spreading between areas.
The Boot Dip Mat with High Yellow Safety Sides is a single piece construction designed to contain chemicals and water to clean shoes prior to entering a controlled area to prevent the spread of contamination. The unique, high quality single piece construction prevents leakage. The higher side’s allow more solution to be added allowing a full clean of the foot sole and are coloured in high visibility yellow colour to highlight the foot dip mat. Made from chemical resistant rubber, these sturdy boot cleaners are designed to stand up to standard cleaning chemicals that are used to sterilise feet and the base of the bath is covered by a series of rubber bristles to encourage scrubbing which removes lodged foreign particles. These boot dip foot bath mats can be cleaned with a light pressurised hose and mild detergent, tougher cleaning is important, for further details please visit the cleaning instructions tab. These mats are used in food preparation areas at the entrance ways and also areas to prevent dust and debris spreading into other parts of the building. The water and detergent used ensures a thorough shoe clean.

The Boot Dip Mat with High Yellow Safety Sides is the perfect solution for sanitising shoes in the workplace. These boot dips are designed to contain chemicals and water, which work together with the rubber bristles to thoroughly clean shoes before entering a controlled area. The high yellow sides are visible and contain the liquid to ensure the area around the mat is safe.