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Gym Spray & Wipe Station

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Sanitising your gym equipment after each use greatly reduces the chances of members passing on bugs to fellow gym users. It also helps to preserve the life of the equipment and improves the hygiene of the facility. We have created a no touch sanitising station that is a very cost effective and functional way of achieving this.

You simply tear off a paper towel, place it under the automatic sanitiser dispenser then wipe down your equipment. We even provide an integrated waste bin for used paper towels.

Fixed sanitiser vs mobile sanitiser:

With a mobile sanitising option, like spray bottles, other gym users can be sprayed unintentionally and equipment can be saturated with liquid. The sanitiser station stops any unwanted atomised sanitiser spraying other gym users and reduces the amount of chemical the metal and plastic components of equipment are exposed to.

It is also much more cost effective and controllable than a wet wipe option. Users are more inclined to pull out multiple wipes and wipes tend to leave equipment wet for the next user.

All equipment is supplied and serviced free on loan. Backing boards can be customised with your logo and corporate branding.