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Container weight: 1.87 kg
Capacity to fill-line: 55.00 litres
(safe useable space)
Capacity to spill-line: 60 litres
Top Opening: 365 mm x 340 mm

Material: The STERI Safe is made of environment-friendly polypropylene and is guaranteed to be free of any harmful
Form: The STERI has an agreeable appearance & the square shape allows optimal filling - especially when bulky
waste is deposited into the container.
Storage: When empty the Containers inter-stack (‘nest’) one inside the other. A Space-saving design. When full, the
containers can be stacked one on top of the other. The bottom of the top container fits exactly into the lid
vault of the container below. This fastens the containers together.

Handles: There are two handle hollows on each side of the Base unit. The
container can be carried with one hand or - according to weight -
with both hands using the handle hollows. In addition, the lid
has a centre handle making it easy to open & close the container.
Also, after the container has been finally closed (locked) ready
for disposal it could be carried by one hand using the lid handle.

Closing The STERI has a special lid closing system :
When the lid is set to “OPEN-position”, for daily filling, it can
not be finally closed (sealed) unintentionally. An inserted lid
locking device prevents the cams (around the perimeter of the
base unit) engaging inadvertently. Stops partially filled bins
having to be disposed of.

To finally close (seal) the STERI 35 / 60, the lid is turned 90 degrees into the “Close-Position”. Push the lid
down firmly to engage the cams in the Base. The container is now finally sealed & ready for sterilisation.


Autoclave: Because of the security of the closure system the STERI is safe to autoclave. During the sterilisation process,
(vacuum-steam-vacuum) at 110 degrees C the red lid cap releases. The bar shaped steam opening then allows
the hot vapours to enter the container, and sterilisation of the waste occurs. The bars in the steam opening stop
any waste coming out of the container.