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SPILL KITS: 'RED Z' 312 gram Bottle / Shaker

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‘Red Z‘ non biodegradeable absorbent granules are the safe solution for the handling and disposal of high-risk (medical and other) waste; with a formula specially designed for surface spills. Sprinkle evenly on a spill. Within seconds, the spill is contained and solidified, making for easy pick up and disposal.

The benefits are:

  • Have an extremely powerful polyacrylate base for optimum solidification
  • Change hazardous liquids into an easy-to-handle gel
  • Isolate, contain and prevent the spread of biohazardous fluids
  • Minimise splashing, spraying and splattering of blood or other potentially infectious fluids
  • Eliminate the problem of disposing free liquids into landfills

Red Z contains a very small amount of sanitising ingredients / chlorine deodorisers with a concentration in the order of 10,000 parts per million that produces a faint odour. Red Z will work, for example, with chemically based products such as photographic (X-Ray) developer, hypo and stabiliser (acetic acid) because they are basically a chemical / water mix. Providing the material / fluid to be treated with ‘Red Z‘ has at least 6% of water content it will work. However, the more water is present the more satisfactory the end result ie, a solid, encapsulated, easily picked up waste product.

One (1) ‘Red Z‘ 312g bottle (PR41102) contains enough material to absorb (solidify) up to 11 litres of water-containing spill. This includes of course, blood products and other body fluids such as sputum, vomitus, excrement, urine etc.