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Sticky Lab and Surgical Dirt Removal Adhesive Mat Blue

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The Tacky Mat with 30 sticky sheets is designed to grab dirt from feet and wheels as they pass over the mat. The 30 layers are easy to remove when the top layer loses its effectiveness and the unique adhesive will not transfer onto other surfaces. The back of the mat is finished with an adhesive finish to prevent the mat from moving securing this in place. Made from an effective adhesive surface, the top surface is completely covered with a sticky film to catch loose particles such as dust, powder dirt and other foreign particles that should not enter an area; this holds these particles in place to prevent them from being tracked into the clean area. The blue surface highlights light dust that is often overlooked and when the surface reaches its capacity it is very easy to remove. To clean this tacky clean room mats simply remove the top sheet and dispose, there are 30 sheets to one pad and each sheet is clearly marked. This mat is ideal for use at entries to clean rooms, and at entries to prevent dust transfer on shoes or wheels.

Size: 600w x 900 L