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Wet Wipe Refill (200 sheets)

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Antibacterial Wet Wipes
200 wipes/refill
These wipes are ideal for cleaning and sanitising work surfaces and wash rooms such as Toilets Seats.
The wipes are packed in Plastic Bags and ideal for Wall or Free Standing Dispensers.
They can be supplied MPI Apprised, AsureQuality Assessed and MPI Approval and Recognition of Dairy Maintenance Compound. (This product has been assessed and is approved for use in farm dairies and recognised in dairy premises when used in accordance with the label instructions.)
200 sheet Refills - Sheets measure 140mm wide x 200 mm long
200 Sheet Refills Packed in Cartons containing 20 units
The 200 Sheet Refills are the ideal products to be used in Trolley
Bays in Supermarkets for wiping the Trolley handles prior to use.