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LED technology has been developed by the lighting industry over the past decades.

This innovative technology offers clear energy savings over the more traditional lighting technologies, such as the well-known fluorescent lamps.

Reasons to use the Astron LED:

  • Designed for low power consumption and high brightness.
  • No harmful substances in the ASTRON UV LED
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Complies to the int. standards and are perfectly save to use.
  • Specially designed single ultraviolet wavelength, optimised for insect control.
  • The UV LED does not require a ballast.
  • Operates when connected directly to the mains*1.
  • The UV LED 15 W lamp only consumes 11.5 W and offers significant energy savings.
  • Operational lifetime of 25.000 hrs (3 years of constant use*2)
  • Class A LED’s which comply to the highest standards. Ensures a trouble free use.
  • Full shatterproof executed design. No glass is used