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  • Lightweight, robust and wear-resistant retrieval tool.
  • Ideal for the safe collection of discarded syringes / needles and other sharp objects. Picking up objects doesn’t have to include stretching and bending
  • Economical yet durable.
  • Slip-resistant jaws can pick up extremely small objects

Trigger Design

The trigger projects through the top of the handle to allow operation in a variety of ways. The trigger can either be squeezed in the conventional manner, or the projected trigger can be pushed using the palm of the hand. The trigger is designed for comfort and is large enough to allow use of all fingers.

Twin Gripping Jaws

The twin jaws have sensitive sculptured liners that give an excellent grip. The hard wearing rubber liner is bonded on. The ‘Pick-Up’ is operated by a wire, not a cord, giving a positive response while eliminating fraying or stretching. The gearing allows smooth operation.

Rotatable Head

The head easily rotates, through 360 degrees, to suit individual tasks.